May 30, 2007

eX-Girl Summer tour 2007!!!


Fri. 27 SWE Emmaboda - Emmaboda Festivalen

Sat. 28 NOR Storås (near Trondheim) Storås Festiva

Sun. 29 NOR Oslo ­ John Dee

Mon. 30 NOR Tønsberg (south of Oslo) ­ Dolby

* * *


Wed. 01 NOR Stavanger ­Checkpoint Charli

Thu. 02 NOR Askøy (near Bergen) ­Lost Weekend Festiva

Fri. 03 NOR Bryne (near Stavanger) Ranglerock Festival


randala said...

Kero! Kero! Please come before Sweden to Finland and Estonia. If there will not arrive ambassadors from your planet, our planets will die out. Kero! Kero!

Deepspacechris said...

明日ライブに行きたいよ!チケットはまだ買っていなんだけどさ。。。よし、また明日!JOHN DEE に会いましょう!